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Related post: Date: Thu, 04 Dec 2003 23:03:00 -0500 From: NYC Dan Subject: Rancher's Bitch 1Rancher's Bitch Part Oneby Dan CavanaghCourt slid open the glass doors and stepped into his living room. He was naked, still dripping from the pool with water that matted the black hair on his italian glamour models body. Six feet model behavior four inches tall, guys called him "Slim" until they got close enough to realize it was an illusion. He was big. Years of rodeo riding and weight training had pumped his long muscles up thick. Hands that seemed "graceful" from a distance dwarfed the cigarette he lit. His cock hung like a rope between his girl model scout thighs. Thighs that were so big he bitched about finding jeans that were large enough. His calves were hooters teen models bigger than any other rider he'd seen in the locker rooms.He hauled his gonads up as he dropped into the 4chan teen model low christina model forum chair and exhaled the smoke. Leaning back he stared breeze model naked at the sight in front of him."Good boy," he teen model debbie la models porn said.The 29-year-old blond was still bent over at the waist like he'd been told, hands grabbing his ankles. Cum oozed out of his ass. Christ, he's got great legs, thought Court."I used to play basketball," the accountant had laughed. "But you don't go to Princeton to play basketball."He was almost too handsome. Six feet one, sandy teenie modeling hair and long, heavy muscles. A smaller version of young strawberry models Court, but with hairless skin like a woman's. He kept his hair long, but just short enough to keep his job. Now it dragged elite pain models on the motorcycle models carpet, wet with the sweat and cum Court had smeared on him as he'd held the head lsmodelnude on his cock, on his asshole, and then as he'd hauled the head back while fucking him.The man was miserable. His legs were all corvett models wet with sweat and he could see a trickle of cum mini models nude sliding mattsmodels com members down his calf from the two loads Court had pumped into teenmodellist him.Beyond that, he could see the bottoms of two size thirteen feet about super models softcore five feet away. Then, up long, hairy legs to a latina cover models huge cock, resting limp on balls that couched it on either amateur brittany model side. Court's belt was draped over jeanie teen model the arm of the chair. The distance between them filled with cigarette smoke as Court exhaled. His ass began to get that tingling sensation again."Sir?"There was no answer."Sir?""What is it?""May I stand up?""You don't remember too well, do you boy?""May I stand up, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir.""That's right." Court dragged on his cigarette. "Now young nudes models for that, start all over again."Steve groaned. Oh, God, no! Please, not again, he thought.But he spread his legs wider, boy russian model reached back and pulled his hole open once again."I am an ass-pussy, Sir." he said, almost crying."That's right.""I need to be fucked by all new adpmodels men, Sir.""Uh nude teen models huh.""Please, Sir. Help me make up for lost time, Sir.""Tell me again about that three-piece suit, baby.""It's a disguise, Sir. I prteen models anal should be naked at all models wide pussy times." ls models bath Steve repeated once again, "I'm really an asshole for all men, Sir. I am a sex tease and need to be punished and fucked for it...""Shut up now."Court finished his cigarette. He stubbed it out in the ashtray."Back up here, boy, just the way you are." Court said.Steve worked his way backwards toward the dark, curly haired man in the chair. He felt scared. But he didn't small models toplist stand up. It felt right somehow to be bent over like this gripping his ankles. His cock began to harden as he exhibited his asshole like a plantronis model 330 headlight teen thongs model and gave it to a man who seemed to know instinctively what it wanted.Court began to rub his huge, calloused hands gently up the polished thighs."Further," he said.As Steve backed up, Court floridasunmodels nn worked his knees between the legs. The asshole was at face level. Court spread his own legs and he forced the thighs wider and wider. Steve squirmed his feet outward trying to keep up. He suddenly lost his balance. As his knees bent slightly, he braced himself on the floor with his hands.Court grabbed the russian little model guy's genitals and yanked them back with one hand while he gave the ass a loud whack with the other."Grab those ankles, 10yo nude modell shithead, and straighten your legs."Steve grabbed his ankles. Sweat was dripping up his nose, down his legs. Court had known the kind of treatment this guy would be a sucker for when he met him."You're gonna be real useful, boy."He held the genitals with ginger model torrent one hand while he worked a finger slowly around the asshole with the other."I got a lot of guys I owe favors and I think we can help each other out."The tip of the finger slipped in and teased the lips of the ass. The gentleness of the sensation and the idea of being a sex toy made Steve glam nude models moan suddenly. His legs weakened. Court's big hand completely covered his cock and balls nonude kids models and steadied him."What do you think, baby?""Yes, Sir.""Yeah," Court smiled. "I think I know young models lola what this ass needs. You're goin' to the 12yo boymodel rodeo with me all next week and we'll parade you around. Shit." Court laughed at the idea. "We'll start you girls models fotos in Levis and a flannel shirt, but every day, you'll young model links wear a nn model imageboard little less."His finger slipped all the way into the ass. He began to stretch it, working out some of the cum he'd fucked up there twice before."I know five guys who'll be teen glamor models randy as hell. And when I tell them what a great lay you are they'll agree to anything I say. Hell, that's what you need, isn't it, baby?"He smiled perky lingerie models even wider. His long, thick finger found the prostate and pressed it hard."Dupke will take angel models xxx one look at you and spend the next four days with a rod to his knees. You'll like Dupke. He takes his time. But shit, you gotta make up for lost time, don't you rusia models nude boy?"He slipped two more fingers into the hole."Jesus!" shot out of Steve's mouth. "Yes, Sir!"Court pumped the oozing ass a few times with wood flying models his hairy fingers. Then he let go of the guy's gonads. 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He loved the taste of his own cum and began to suck it out. He sighed and dug deeper.He pictured Steve on the basketball court, the straps of his jock pressing through nylon shorts, teasing the 1894 cowboy model fans, displaying the powerful leg muscles but selfish with model catalina that sexi teen model ass. He'd let him know whose ass it was now. He bit hard. Hell, this ass was going mona models to bikini modeller be lil bambi model public property. Inserting lily model com two more fingers on each hand into the hole, he yanked wider. naked black supermodels Court stared at the huge gaping hole lined in pink, wet flesh. He grunted, leaned forward and started chewing the tube he'd pulled practically inside out."Sir!"Court gnawed at the hole."Sir!..." He was beginning to tremble. "I'm going to cum, Sir!""No, you're not, baby."He pulled the hole wider and thrust his tongue deeper, looking for more cum."Please! Sir! I'm ..."He felt that ache begin in his prick head. Court sighed as he leaned back."Now you're littleangles models makin' me real impatient, boy," he said mildly. He watched the hole spasm, felt the guy fighting it. He sighed again."Okay, baby. Shit, you got nude models breasts a long way elisa star model to go."Court picked up the katya nude vladmodels belt off the arm of the chair. sandra model dvd He doubled it in his hand."Assume the position."Steve immediately stood Male model blowjob up island models and walked behind the chair. As Court got out of it, Steve bent over the back and grabbed the arms. The height of the chair made him go up on his toes stretching the leg muscles."Wider."Steve stretched out."You don't cum areola model unless I tell you, you understand that, baby?""Yes, Sir!"With that, Court raised his arm and brought chinese bikini models the belt down cheyanne marie model hard.Whack!"Say you're sorry.""I'm sorry, Sir. Please, Sir. When you eat my ass..."Whack!"You don't say more than I tell you to." Court said patiently. "You got a lot to learn, don't you? Say hooters bikini models you're sorry.""I'm sorry, Sir."Whack!"Aaaaagh ...""Pretty abercrombie models nude ass, baby. Damn pretty."He aimed for the long, white thighs.Whack!Court took his time. Long pauses between each blow. little samson models But the belting was savage.Whack!He liked the shock that rippled up his heavily muscled arm each time he made contact. Steve squirmed. His ass and the pale skin on his thigh muscles were red as a beet. But after ten lashes, he was so turned on that his ass reached out for the next one.Whack!"Aaaagh ...Whack! Whack!"Aaaagh! Sir!!"Court knew Steve was about to cum."Don't do it, cocksucker."Whack!"C'mon, now. Don't make me angry at you, baby."Whack!Steve's breathing became loud and alt nude models erratic. He couldn't hold back. His whole body went red and every muscle stood out. It was one of Court's favorite moments. He released the tongue of the models preeteens little belt. celebrities and supermodels It dangled to the floor. Holding the buckle end, he brought his muscular arm back and snapped the leather like a wet towel with all his strength. Right on the asshole.Steve's head went back famous petite models and his shriek filled the room. yuong model He came in buckets. Cum slid down the back of the chair. Court snapped him again. Steve shot again, shoving the chair six inches across the room.Whack!Steve bucked forward.Whack!Suddenly, Court dropped the belt. He stepped around to the front of the chair. He grabbed the head. little cute models Steve's mouth was wide open at cock level. He had just a moment to look at the huge dangling balls and the mammoth cock before Court shoved all ten inches of it violently down his throat. pedo model russian Spit squelched out of the impossibly stretched lips. Court rammed the throat, pulled out to the head and rammed again. He fucked. Over and over."Oh, Jesus God...Aaaaaagh...!" Court yelled out.His childmodels erotic voice rose to a high-pitched ekat the model falsetto. His cock kiki model pics opened for the third time that evening and poured his seed down the throat. He yanked out to the head of the dick one last time. His youngteen model toplist cock was coated with his own slime and Steve's mucous. safariland model 5181 He rammed in hard and cp girl models shot like a faucet. Big rodeo man conquering an eager hole. Turning Steve into one more blond fuck boy. Cum backed out new home models of the mouth-hole and spewed into his crotch. It dripped in long strands onto evie model com his legs.When it was over he let the cock soak for a while. He gave the hair on the head an affectionate land of youngmodels tug. Then another. Finally he eased the rod out slowly."Clean it up, pig," lesya child model he panted. He directed the mouth all over his crotch where the cum had leaked out, down the hair on his sweaty thighs. Steve sucked beatiful teen model like myanmarmodelgirls a baby, mewing. Finally Court released him and he slumped forward.As Court walked toward the bathroom, he elliptical head model gave lingerie modeling teens Steve's ass a hard slap."Clean the place up, cocksucker."He headed for the shower. Once again Steve was left in a mess of sweat, cum and his own need. He was sated temporarily. But he djibouti models began to cry: he knew it wouldn't last long. His need was out of control. Cum trickled out of his ass.--------------------Send fotos models free Dan feedback:
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